Nazir Williams is a 6'3, 185 lbs combo guard who plays the game with great pace and IQ. He has a soft touch on his finishes and 3 point range that extends out to 25 feet and beyond.

This scholar athlete has earned high honor role honors in every semester of his high school tenure. Nazir has lead his team in scoring in each of the pasts 2 seasons at just over 13 points per game. This year, Nazir will prove to be Division 1 worhty, as he impresses scouts with his performance both on and off the cout.

Danny Lans is considered by some, to be the best player in New Jersey in the class of 2021. He has unmatchable instincts and athleticism in the open court, great body control under the rim, and court vision to find open players all over the floor. 

Along with his glaring athleticism, he also shows the potential to be an elite defender on the next level. His outside shot continues to improve, and with age will come maturity and the full understanding of what it takes to leave every game being the best player on the floor. Skies the limit for this Mid Major, division 1 prospect, Danny Lans aka "Gizmo". 

Daniel “Gizmo” Lans (Top PG in class of 2021 in NJ)

Player Spotlight: Jack Scanlon

 Jack Scanlon

Height: 6'2

Weight: 165 lbs

School: Pearl River HS

Potential : Division II Prospect

Players Spotlight: BRIAN THOMAS aka ”The junkyard dawg”

Brian Thomas is a 6’5, 220 lbs 17 year old for the Rocktown Monarchs. Watch the natural power forward at work. Soft Hands,Brute Strength, and high basketball IQ all in one body. He’s a Division II prospect with the athleticism and instincts of a sky that has no limit.