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The Rocktown Monarchs Fall 2018 Basketball Season

The Rocktown Monarchs use basketball as a platform to promote sportsmanship, philanthropy & social growth.  Our coaches invest in your child each and every practice and game, with goals of helping them reach a desired optimum performance level. 

Many are called, but only few are chosen

Loyalty over Everything

Daniel Lans (#23) & Clever Lubin (#5) have emerged as two of the top 100 players in the country in the class of 2021. 

We Ride together, we die together

Rumble in the Bronx, 15u Finals, Summer 2018

Shoot your Shot!!!

Passing up a good shot is worse than shooting a bad shot!

No Shortcuts

Nazir Williams

I Score

I Pass

I Dribble

I Shoot

Maximize your Exposure

Zero Gravity, Regional Champions

Real Moves taught by a Real Pro!

Player/ Coach JR Inman

Winter 2018/ 2019 Basketball Clinics

Real Moves taught by a Real Pro!

  • 1. Mon. Dec 3rd, 2018 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 2. Tues. Dec 4th, 2018 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 3. Thurs. Dec. 6th, 2018 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 4. Mon. Dec. 10th, 2018 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 5. Tues. Dec. 11th, 2018 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 6. Thurs. Dec. 13th, 2018 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 7. Mon. Dec. 17th, 2018 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 8. Tues. Dec. 18th, 2018 (8pm-9:30pm) 
  • 9. Thurs. Dec. 27th, 2018 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 10. Fri. Dec. 28th, 2018 (8pm-9:30pm) 
  • 11. Mon. Dec. 31st, 2018 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 12.Sun. Jan 6th, 2018 (8pm-9:30pm) 
  • 13. Mon. Jan 7th, 2019 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 14. Mon. Jan. 14th, 2019 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 15. Fri. Jan. 18th, 2019 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 16. Mon. Jan. 21st, 2019 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 17. Sun. Jan. 27th, 2019 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 18. Mon. Jan. 28th, 2019 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 19. Sun. Feb. 3rd, 2019 (8pm-9:30pm)
  • 20. Mon. Feb. 4th, 2019 (8pm-9:30pm) 

Rocktown Monarchs Winter 2018/2019 Clinic Registration

Rocktown Monarch Winter 2k18 clinic form (pdf)


About Us

We Are The Champions (Hoop Group JamFest, 7/29/18)

The Rocktown Monarchs have become amongst the premier youth programs in the East Coast Region. With a current record of 17-4 against Nationally ranked programs, (Riverside Church, Playaz Basketball Club, Team Melo to name a few) , the future is bright for all the players who buy in to our program philosophy. 

More than just basketball...

Rocktown Monarchs Vs. Cancer

Every season, the Rocktown Monarchs have a season theme they like to focus on. This promotes our student athletes development far beyond the borders of a basketball court. For the 2018 school year, The Rocktown Monarchs will focus on Prostate Cancer Awarness.  

During this past summer season, the Rocktown Monarchs hosted the "Press Break for Prostate" basketball tournament in honor of longtime supporter of the Rocktown Monarchs, Gerald H. Inman, Sr. (Father of, C.E.O., JR Inman). 

Fall 2018 Season Structure

20 Practices

Monday's & Wedensday's 

Mon. Sept. 10th, 2018 - Wed. Nov. 21st, 2018

15 Games

3 Tournaments (12 games minimum)

3 Independant Games

The rocktown experience

Rocktown Monarchs 14u Supreme Team

Atlantic City, JamFest, July 29th, 2018

Believe in the Dream

Rocktown Monarchs 15u Litty Elite

Hoop Group Providence JamFest, June, 2018

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